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Re: New 2.1.8 SRPM/RPM packages

Pierangelo Masarati a écrit :

> >> Nobody should change standard track schemas,
> I don't want to be pedantic, I said SHOULD :) in fact if you claim
> you're providing something that is standard track you should provide
> it AS IS.  I perfectly understand why you need to change that
> objectclass to auxiliary; however, there's a cleaner way to do that,
> it is to provide your own addition to that schema (under your oid)
> with a "fixed" account OC that is derived both from, say,
> "inetOrgPerson" and "account". 

But that means that I should rewrite all my entries so that they include
that new objectclass insteed of the standard account one, what a big job
ahead :-( -> slapcat , edit my 3000 entries (perl might help here !?)
from the ldif file, then slapadd .
I prefere to change one string in the schema definition :-)
Are there people here who really rewrote a new objectclass in that case

 A more easy fix to your RPM could be
> to provide both the regular and the patched cosine.schema files,
> with the "account" objectClass defined as you did but under your OID
> space and with a different name; a notice to users that states that
> the regular one cannot be used in conjunction with other structural
> OCs while yours can at the cost of breaking some compatibility should
> suffice.  Then it's up to the users (not to you) to hack the
> cosine.schema if they like.
> Sorry again for being pedantic :)
> Pierangelo.
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> Pierangelo Masarati
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