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New 2.1.8 SRPM/RPM packages

For sysadmins using RPM packages, I fanilly managed to create a
sourceand binary RPMS of openldap 2.1.8.
I've struggled a lot to enable BDB as a module but finally forget it
(see my mail about ldap_pvt_thread_rdwr_init symbol in the list )
This package is base on the redhat 2.1.3-4 one where I included tar.gz
2.1.8 of openldap and db-2.1.24-NC, I also patch a little the schemas,
so that the new contraint on STRUCTURAL objectclass is respected.
here's the changelog I inserted in the spec file:

* Thu Nov 21 2002 Jehan Procaccia <jehan.procaccia@int-evry.fr> 2.1.8-1
- changed kerberosobject.schema to include krbName attr from old
- changed kerberosobject.schema to AUXILIARY
- patched cosine.schema, account objectclass from STRUCTURAL to
- Includes --enabled-modules and back-monitor as a dynamic module(didn't
- Includes BDB 4.1.24-NC

It can be downloaded fom 
Within the same http directory are the binaries versions: 
openldap-2.1.8-1.i386.rpm  openldap-clients-2.1.8-1.i386.rpm
openldap-servers-2.1.8-1.i386.rpm openldap-devel-2.1.8-1.i386.rpm

I do not give any guarantee on these packages ... use them at your own
risk !
Jehan Procaccia
Institut National des Telecommunications| Email:
MCI, Moyens Communs Informatiques	| Tel  : +33 (0) 160764436 
9 rue Charles Fourier 91011 Evry France | Fax  : +33 (0) 160764321