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Re: account balances

fre, 2002-11-22 kl. 21:47 skrev Adam Williams:

> >>>What I actually meant is, that IMHO ldap isn't the right receptacle for
> >>>this kind of info.
> >>I beg to differ here. E.g. NDS does have it and in some situations
> >>it is really needed. See:
> >>http://developer.novell.com/ndk/doc/ndslib/index.html?page=/ndk/doc/ndslib/schm_enu/data/sdk788.html
> >Then use NDS my lovely (actually, it's called eDirectory with an NLDAP
> >frontend). It's got everything going for it and I'm one of its greatest
> >admirers.

> Nah, that just costs money.

License cost is $US200 per 100 users. 90 days non-commercial evaluation
is free. I'm all *for* those tariffs.




Tony Earnshaw

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