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Re: account balances

>>>>>>We do use account balances (i.e. "money"). I was unable to locate any
>>>>>>schema which would hold this. The account object from the cosine.schema
>>>>>>seems to be the most appropriate but it doesn't have such a field.
>>>>>>Is there somewhere a schema (extension) which will allow me to implement this ?
>>>>>>(I am not proficient an schema implementation/extension)

It you can provide the schema NDS uses, we can adapt it to OpenLDAP.

Then just create a subordinate class of something like inetOrgPerson and 
add the attributes we create.  Actually very simple.

>>>What I actually meant is, that IMHO ldap isn't the right receptacle for
>>>this kind of info.
>>I beg to differ here. E.g. NDS does have it and in some situations
>>it is really needed. See:
>Then use NDS my lovely (actually, it's called eDirectory with an NLDAP
>frontend). It's got everything going for it and I'm one of its greatest

Nah, that just costs money.