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Re: account balances

On Fri, 22 Nov 2002, Adam Williams wrote:

> >>>>>>We do use account balances (i.e. "money"). I was unable to locate any
> >>>>>>schema which would hold this. The account object from the cosine.schema
> >>>>>>seems to be the most appropriate but it doesn't have such a field.
> >>>>>>Is there somewhere a schema (extension) which will allow me to implement this ?
> >>>>>>(I am not proficient an schema implementation/extension)
> It you can provide the schema NDS uses, we can adapt it to OpenLDAP.

If I would have known how to do it I would have probably submitted a patch
directly to the developers. Unfortunately I don't. I don't have access
to NDS and even if I would I don't know about the licensing or whatever.
I've stumbled over it only by accident while searching for a way to store
the balances into the LDAP.

> Then just create a subordinate class of something like inetOrgPerson and 
> add the attributes we create.  Actually very simple.

I would assume that the proper way would be as an attribute of the 'account'
object in the cosine.schema. But this is where my knowledge stops. One would
assume that the pam ldap could be also be extended to deny login on negative
accounts. But again extending the schema is beyond my knowledge.

I would assume that for a knowledgeable person it wouldn't too difficult to
extend the schema. This is why I asked on this forum, I thought that maybe
somebody else have done something.

> >>>What I actually meant is, that IMHO ldap isn't the right receptacle for
> >>>this kind of info.
> >>I beg to differ here. E.g. NDS does have it and in some situations
> >>it is really needed. See:
> >>http://developer.novell.com/ndk/doc/ndslib/index.html?page=/ndk/doc/ndslib/schm_enu/data/sdk788.html
> >Then use NDS my lovely (actually, it's called eDirectory with an NLDAP
> >frontend). It's got everything going for it and I'm one of its greatest
> >admirers.
> Nah, that just costs money.

In my experience free software works better :-)

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