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Re: Ask for a TLS/SSL configuration example.

Two tips:
dl the lates optimizing RH linux book from OpenNA:
D/L the floppy.tgz file and use their way to sign the certificates. Don't bother with the
"building and installing openssl" part.
and also, find out how to install your certificates so openssl recognizes them :

Those two helped me!

Zhang Fei wrote:

> Hi all£¬
>    I meet some troubles when configuring OpenLDAP with TLS/SSL.
>    Does anyone have such successful experience or samples which can be shared with me ?
>    (such as "slapd.conf",other pertinent configuration files,and testing commands ...)
>    Thanks in advance.
> Best,
> Zhang Fei
> zhfei@sdb.ac.cn
> 2002-11-22
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> R&D of SDB Department
> CNIC,CAS,Beijing of CHINA
> 100080