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Re: how use lastmod to track last modify time


On Saturday 23 November 2002 10:18, james liang wrote:
> I need to track the lastmodify time of an entry. I tried setting "lastmod
> on" in the slapd.conf. but when I run ldapsearch, I don't see the last
> modify time attribute in the output. The application I am building java
> ldap client uses jldap for interface to openldap.

modifyTimestamp, the attribut influenced by setting lastmod (as "man 
slapd.conf" states), is an operational attribute. You have to explicitey
ask for it in ldapsearch.

> I tried adding lastmodifiedtime to the objectclass definition and that did
> not work either. is there some system attribute that i must add to the
> objectclass to make this work? what am i missing?

There is no need to add modifyTimestamp to the schema. It is already there


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