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Re: how use lastmod to track last modify time

lør, 2002-11-23 kl. 14:30 skrev Peter Marschall:

> > I tried adding lastmodifiedtime to the objectclass definition and that did
> > not work either. is there some system attribute that i must add to the
> > objectclass to make this work? what am i missing?

> There is no need to add modifyTimestamp to the schema. It is already there.

In 2.1.8, at least, it is commented out (together with other "modifies")
as obsolete.

> modifyTimestamp, the attribute influenced by setting lastmod (as "man
> slapd.conf" states), is an operational attribute. You have to
> explicitely ask for it in ldapsearch.

How would you do this (don't say "man ldapsearch")? Further, how would
you do it in PHP4?






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