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Re: account balances

fre, 2002-11-22 kl. 21:40 skrev Adam Williams:

> What schema does NDS use?  It can probably be adapted to OpenLDAPs schema 
> format.

This is 100% OT, the way of finding out is to go to
www.developer.novel.com and search. However, one single answer can do no
harm, then it's in the list archives.

1: NDS doesn't exist any more; it's now called eDirectory. eDirectory is
different from NDS, in that eDirectory can be installed on NetWare,
Linux, Solaris and Windows NT/2000/XP machines and includes an optional
an ldap front end ldap "translation module", nldap, which is LDAPv3

2: eDirectory has nothing to do with ldap. It's Novell's modified x500
replicable directory structure (neither does it have much to do with
x500 any more.)

3: eDirectory does not use schemas, any more than x500 does. For nldap
Novell furnishes 2 installable schemas, iperson, lperson and rperson
that give very limited inetOrgPerson newPilotPerson and
residentialPerson functionality.

4: IMHO, anyone who puts cash balances in a replicable,
organization-wide directory database with absolutely no guarantee of
concurrency needs an immediate trip to the shrink.




Tony Earnshaw

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