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Re: alias and ref question

At 02:15 PM 2002-09-15, Aaron Anderson wrote:
>I am looking to import my DNS zones files in to an LDAP directory.  I have
>found a schema that works however I have a questions regarding designing the
>directory structure.  The schema I'm using (from ldap2dns) stores SOA
>records for a zone file in cn=domain.com,ou=dns,o=top.  What I would like to
>do is have a template entry (called cn=TEMPLATE,ou=dns,o=top) which stores
>standard SOA record information and then have other entries reference it.
>Here's an example:
>dn: cn=TEMPLATE1,ou=dns,o=top
>objectClass: DNSzone
>dnsrefresh: 10800
>dnsretry: 3600
>dnsexpire: 3600000
>dnsminimum: 86400
>dnsadminmailbox: dns.domain.com
>dnszonemaster: host.domain.com
>dn: cn=test.com,ou=dns,o=top
>objectClass: DNSzone
>objectClass: alias
>cn: test.com
>dnsserial: 2002091501
>dnszonename: test.com
>aliasedObjectName: cn=TEMPLATE1,ou=dns,o=top
>What I would like to do is when a request is made for
>cn=test.com,ou=dns,o=top, it will return the attributes from that entry
>(dnsserial and dnsserial) as well as the attributes from the template entry.
>I tried using the above LDIFs but it wouldn't allow me to create child
>objects to cn=test.com,ou=dns,o=top.
>I'm wondering if this is possible on the back-end side.  I kind of doubt it.
>I can code what I need on the front-end side but I was wondering if it is
>possible using the directory.

The directory model don't support such...

The closest thing is collective attributes.  See X.501 or
draft-zeilenga-ldap-collective-xx.txt.  OpenLDAP doesn't
these yet.  (Free free to hack.)