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Re: generalized time

At 08:51 AM 2002-09-16, James Halpin wrote:
>I would like to read more on the attribute type:
>(  DESC  'Generalized Time' )

That's a syntax, not an attribute type.

It's described in RFC 2252.

>Moreso the modifyTimestamp and createTimestamp.
>Basically I want to know what values are possible for the "time zone",
>appended to the time value.

For modifyTimestamp and createTimestamp, these are server
generated.  slapd(8) always uses 'Z'.

However, IIRC, GMT offsets are supported (at least in 2.1).

>Reffered specifications X.208 seem to be out-dated.

It's still viewed as in-force from an LDAPv3 perspective.

>Can anyone help me out here?

Maybe X.680/X.690 might add light...  Or you can go the
FAQ, search on ASN.1, and poke through some of the referenced
sites.  Or Google.