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Re: Changing an openLDAP schema programatically

At 03:57 PM 2002-09-16, akpan Zouk wrote:
>Hello all,
>I just joined the group. I searched the archives but
>didn't find a 
>solution to my problem. Apologies if it has been
>discussed. Here is the 
>I have an objectclass thus defined in local.schema
>objectclass ( 
>    NAME 'newObjectClass' SUP top STRUCTURAL
>        MUST ( cn )     
>        )
>I would like to add attributes to this objectclass,
>but the names of the 
>attributes are known at run-time; i.e. I don't know
>the names of the 
>attributes when I am creating the above objectclass. I
>would there like to 
>change this definition at run time. Does openLDAP
>support this 

No, adding attributes to an existing objectclass
would violate the LDAP/X.500 data model.

Instead, you might consider using the
extensibleObject object class which allows
any attribute to be present in entries belonging
to it.

>I tried the following using Novell's Java Library
>connecting to an 
>openLDAP server:
>//  add attribute 'userPassword'. Note that 'cn' and 
>// 'userPassword' are already defined in core.schema
>String[] requiredAttr = new 
>LDAPObjectClassSchema newObjclass = new 
>        LDAPObjectClassSchema(
>                 new String[] {"newObjectClass"},
>                 "",
>                 new String[]{"top"},
>                 "",
>                 requiredAttr ,
>                 optionalAttr ,
>                 LDAPObjectClassSchema.STRUCTURAL,
>                 false);
>    LDAPSchema schema = new LDAPSchema();
>    schema.modify(newObjclass);
>    schema.saveSchema(ldapConnection);
> } catch (LDAPException e){
>    e.printStackTrace();
> }
>I got an "unwillingToPerform exception"!!. Any ideas
>why this 

Because OpenLDAP doesn't support subschema modification.