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Re: machine required

>>I'd like to know what kind of machine is required for a "big openldap
>>directory". For example for more than 1000 entries,
>1001 or 100000 ? 

1000 isn't that many.

>>and a lot a connexions each hour, 
>10? 100? 1000? 1000000? 


>I assume that the machine where the directory is
>>must be very powerful . I didn't find information about the machines
>>required, could someone help me? 
>I'm afraid there's no golden rule (especially with the detailed
>requirements you provide :); you may browse thru the FAQ or the

It depends alot on the type of queries, and how aggressively your clients cache

You also don't have to (or want to) stick with just one box.  We replicate from
the master so each of our critical servers have there own copy.  This farms out
the load and increases availability.  The master can go down and e-mail, etc...
keeps working.