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Re: What's the difference between -h and -H ?

Hi Howard,
hi list,

thanks for the answer.

Howard Chu wrote:
> The -h and -p options go together. The -H option expects a URL and ignores
> both the -h and -p options. If you want to specify a port with -H use proper
> URL syntax:
>         ldap://486dx66.hrnet.de:5389
>   -- Howard Chu

Looking into ldap.conf :


  HOST somehost:someport

the same as

  uri  ldap[s]://host:someport

Can i specify more than one uri
and does this mean, the client is looking for the 
second uri/HOST if the first (server) doesn't answer ?

If the -h option is deprecated, 
should from now on only -H be used ?

greets Harry