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Re: AUXILIARY Objectclass in back-sql mode

s_tanaka@cec-ltd.co.jp writes:


I am using OpenLDAP2.1.3 by using back-sql mode.

I don't think back-sql even compiles with 2.1.3 ...
There's something in 2.1.4, but I suggest you try
the HEAD code; I now it's not nice to deal with CVS
snapshots, but remember that back-sql is EXPERIMENTAL
and it is only partially supported at the moment.

But I don't know how to use AUXILIARY objectclasses.
I'd like to use the objectclass "dcObject" added the objectClass "organization".

Does Back-sql mode recognize the differences between STRUCTURAL and AUXILIARY objectclass, and implement multiple objectclasses per entry?

There is no direct knowledge of AUXILIARY or STRUCTURAL
objectclasses in back-sql (AFAIK); in the HEAD version
there is a crude knowledge of structuralObjectClass, that
is an entry MUST be built around a STRUCTURAL objectClass
(but there is still some lack of schema check). You can
add extra, auxiliary objectClasses by appropriately
programming the mapping between the SQL and the LDAP objects,
since the attribute "objectClass" is treated as a normal
attribute. This is mentioned in slapd-sql(5) and in the source
code. I assume this was made to give as much freedom
as possible in mapping existing data. Schema consistency
checks may be added in the future (possibly conditional
and configurable, to allow its use in particularly mixed


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