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Re: Client reports "Can't Contact LDAP server"

tir, 2002-08-27 kl. 21:35 skrev Jim C:
> [root@enigma jim-lcl]# rpm -qa | grep openssl
> libopenssl0-devel-0.9.6c-2mdk
> openssl-0.9.6c-2.3mdk

Then you can go one step further and ask what libraries/headers/man
pages etc. each installed rpm contains and where they've been put:

rpm -ql openssl-0.9.6c-2.3mdk

Are they the ones which fail Openldap dependancies? Where are they being
put by rpm? Can you symlink libraries in one directory to ones in
another directory that are then found? For me, the licrypto that I've
compiled gets installed in /usr/local/lib. But sometimes things want the
new libraries in /usr/lib, so I just mv the old one to oldone.old and
symlink the /usr/local/lib ones to /usr/lib ones. You can sometimes get
around this by manually editing /etc/ld.so.conf and running ldconfig
afterwards, even substuting a script to call a renamed executable where
the script gives the location of the libs in the variable
LD_LIBRARY_PATH - but symlinking almost always gives the best results.

> libopenssl0-0.9.6c-2.3mdk
> [root@enigma jim-lcl]#

> [root@enigma jim-lcl]# rpm -qa | grep libcap
> libcapplet1-1.5.11-2mdk

This is *not* libpcap! You'll have to install it, as I said.

> [root@enigma jim-lcl]#
> So what it is saying is that I've already got those packages...

Only one of them, and you don't yet know that that one has the lib that
it's looking for :-(

> hmmmm 
> now what I am using is Mandrake... is it possible that
> the rpms just can't find the files?  This could be solved by putting 
> links in the right places.

Exactly. But ask the rpms what they want, first (-ql).

> FYI, I need a good packet sniffer anyway because I have to be able to 
> prove stuff like encryption to my profs.
> A printout from a packet sniffer is the most direct means I can think of.

Try Ethereal (www.ethereal.com). They've got Cooker binaries for you, or
it's a cinch to compile (or maybe you haven't got other dependancies for
it yet) and will teach you a lot. But you'll need libpcap first :-> And
the libcryptos in the right place :->>




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