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Re: Client reports "Can't Contact LDAP server"

You might try enabling some debugging output...
Most likely the problem is TLS certificate related.
And likely unrelated to Kerberos.

At 03:51 AM 2002-08-19, Stephen Torri wrote:
>The system setup I have is:
>RedHat 7.2
>Linux kernel 2.4.9-32.5
>Kerberos: krb5,libs,devel,workstation,server 1.2.4-1
>OpenLDAP: openldap,clients,server 2.0.21-1
>OpenSSL: 0.9.6b-8
>Cyrus-SASL: 2.1.5-2
>Where can I find a web page or documentation that give hints or
>solutions to why I would keep getting the message "Can't Contact LDAP
>server". I get this message when I try:
>ldapsearch -H ldaps:/// -I -b"" -s base -LLL supportedSASLMechanisms.
>The user is in the Kerberos database because when I do kinit I get a
>valid token. The default principal is torri@TORRI.LINUX.