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Re: sasl / slapd problem

At 05:22 AM 2002-08-23, Axel Bock wrote:
>I heard of, but found none:
>-  slapd.conf files in /usr/lib/sasl, which is annoying, cause I cannot
>   create one without having any clue how this file should look ... :-)

See doc/sysadmin.html in the Cyrus SASL distribution.
In particular, the "How to set configuration options"
section which discusses App.conf files (where, for
slapd(8), App is "slapd").

Note: don't confuse Cyrus SASL App.conf files with slapd's
slapd.conf(5) files.  While they may share the same
name, they serve different purposes and have different
formats and are found in different directories.