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Re: Client reports "Can't Contact LDAP server"

tir, 2002-08-27 kl. 09:52 skrev Jim C:
> You know I would like to try and apply this idea to my problems but I 
> keep getting failed dependencies from the rpms.

> I know what your thinking and that is that I should try compileing my 
> own BUT... theoretically if I cannot get the
> rpms to install it indicates that I am missing something.  In this case 
> some kind of crypto library (i.e. libcrypto.so.2

This would be for Openssl.

> and also 
> libcap.so.0.6.2).

And this would be libpcap.

Yes, you're right. I've compiled my own libpcap (on Red Hat 7.2 with
gcc3.0.4), Openssl (because of security warnings about older versions -
I'm now using 0.9.6g), Berkeley, Openldap 1.1.4, cyrus SASL etc. etc.
I've deliberately chosen to do this for all "network" stuff, though I
use rpms for *many* other things. Choosing to compile basic network
stuff comes from an earlier existence as SCO sysadmin, when what you got
from SCO was years out of date and was never updated.

Ask rpm what it has for openssl and libpcap ('rpm -qa | grep openssl'
and the same for libpcap. Install them from your install CD if you don't
have them.




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