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Re: [long][help] OpenLDAP as an NT service


sorry I could respond to your other email, I'm having a hard time tracking a leak in the solaris build

[ ps. if anyone has info on a memory leak in 2.1.3/4 slapd on solaris8 pls let me know. I'm losing about 30k in 5sec intervals until all memory is exhausted. ]

Jacques-etienne, you mentioned you're using 2.0.25 can you upgrade to 2.1.4?

You're running release build so I don't think debuglevel is going to help you. If you can run the debug build with ' -d 1'and either through redirection or configuration send the output to a file that would probably be helpful in debugging. For that reason I build both the debug and release build. Whenever there's an issue, the debug executeable is easier to work with.

The only errors I've seen pop up in the openldap service but not on standalone are environment differences and registry typos. Any directories that contain DLLs that slapd needs need to be in the Path environment variable, cause that's where NT searches for them ( current directory, system dir, then path is the order I'm guessing ) This is the System environment, or whatever user slapd runs as. The default is the local system user. I changed the global enviroment and rebooted. I *had* to reboot.

What happens if you delete your registry settings ( export them to a file first ), and use the "extra arguements" edit box in the services config to specify the config file? Just to see if the error is in the registry.


Jacques-Etienne Rahon wrote:

Here's a blocking problem I'm facing, trying to make my own build of OpenLDAP for Win32.

Here are the packages I'm using:
        * OpenLDAP 2.0.25
        * Berkeley DB 4.0.14
        * Cyrus SASL 1.5.27
        * hs_regex_dist
        * When my problem is be solved (I hope), I'll add TLS support with OpenSSL.

After having built all my packages (Win32/Release), OpenLDAP works fine as a standalone

I encounter what has become my nightmare when I use it as a NT4/2000 service:
The service installation works fine.
Correct configuration values are put in the registry (Url, ConfigFile, DebugLevel).

But when I start the service, here is what happens after 20/30 secs:

* from the services/MMC:
        Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control request in a
        timely fashion.

* from a command prompt:
The Service is not responding to the Control Function
More Help is Available by Typing NET HELPMSG 2186

* in the event log:
        Event ID: 7000
        Source: Service Control Manager
        Description: The Service OpenLDAP Directory Service failed to start due to the
        following error: The service did not respond to the start or control request in
        a timely fashion.

        Event ID: 7009
        Source: Service Control Manager
        Description: Timeout (30000 milliseconds) waiting for the Service name service
        to connect.
        OpenLDAP Directory Service

I've tried running the service as an user, LocalSystem, LocalSystem with desktop
interaction. No success.

Anyone willing to help me will be greatly welcome because I really don't understand what
happens. Moreover, I had successfully build a Win32 port without such
a problem several days ago. Unfortunately, I can't manage to do it again, even with my
initial build environment.

Thanks in advance for any clue/hint. I really need to solve that problem.

Best regards,

Jacques-Etienne Rahon