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Good day,

> >Interesting that the first example in this document (page 9) 
> violates the
> >structural model; the object is both an "person" and 
> "account" which are
> >structural classes derived from "top".  At least, according 
> to the schema
> >that I have...
> Good eye!  Elder versions of OpenLDAP didn't enforce those 
> rules (I'm not sure
> if current ones do, but I assume future ones will).  The 
> document is about ~2
> years in the making and some sections reflect growth in my 
> own understanding
> over that time.  

Actually, all but the most recent versions don't enforce it.  The stable
version (2.0.25) does not.  Version 2.1.3 does, though (I have not tried
versions in between)

Good documentation is hard to come by.  Thanks for your efforts. =)  I feel
that there will be quite a few more people asking for help with this as
people convert from 2.0.X to 2.1.X .  I managed to muddle my way through
with Google and my experience, but newer users may be a bit more confused.

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