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Re: [long][help] OpenLDAP as an NT service

Hello Kervin,

Friday, August 23, 2002, 6:20:38 PM, you wrote:

KLP> Hi,


KLP> [ ps.  if anyone has info on a memory leak in 2.1.3/4 slapd on solaris8 
KLP> pls let me know.  I'm losing about 30k in 5sec intervals until all 
KLP> memory is exhausted. ]


KLP> The only errors I've seen pop up in the openldap service but not on 
KLP> standalone are environment differences and registry typos.  Any 
KLP> directories that contain DLLs that slapd needs need to be in the Path 
KLP> environment variable, cause that's where NT searches for them ( current 
KLP> directory, system dir, then path is the order I'm guessing ) This is the 
KLP> System environment, or whatever user slapd runs as.  The default is the 
KLP> local system user.  I changed the global enviroment and rebooted.  I 
KLP> *had* to reboot.


KLP> --Kervin


As a matter of fact, there' was no problem with any of my latest builds, or with
the one I've made several days ago: the service start problem occurs when I try to
install OpenLDAP as a service with an "internal" name different from

     slapd install                                         WORKS
     slapd install OpenLDAP-slapd  "any displayed name"    WORKS
     slapd install anything-else                           FAILS

Many thanks for the help and the hints you gave me again.
You're really a kind person.

Best regards,
 Jacques-Etienne                            mailto:jetienne.rahon@wanadoo.fr