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Re: Schema format differences between NDS and OpenLDAP v2.x

Hmm, I'm not sure I understand what you mean..

Netscape/iPlanet Directory Server format for schema definition files
differs from the format used by OpenLDAP 2 and later.
If one want to migrate "home made" object classes and attribute types
from NDS to OpenLDAP 2+ one have to rewrite the schema for the object
classes and attribute types in question.

Actually I realized this morning that it is possible to run a search
against the NDS specifying "cn=schema" as base DN for the search and
filter on "objectclass=subschema" to get the schema definition on a form
that looks like the schema format used by OpenLDAP.

A difference is that NDS allows alpha-numerical strings like
"myAttributeType-oid" as OID, and I don't think that OpenLDAP supports
this. (does it?)
(if it should be supported at all...)
So I used the output from the ldap-schema-search and replaced the
oid-strings with real numerical oid's and tried to use the schema. It is
currently not working out as I hoped, but I think I might have made some
mistake in the slapd.conf file..
(ldap_add: Invalid syntax
        additional info: saabid: value #0 invalid per syntax) I have
checked for trailing spaces in the .ldif file used by ldapadd but have
not found any..

Any clues?

/ Jonas

Aly Dharshi wrote:
>         NDS, hmmm ... would they have some rather "proprietory" schemas so to speak
> making the task difficult ?