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Schema format differences between NDS and OpenLDAP v2.x


As I understand, the schema format differs between Netscape Directory
Server (NDS)and OpenLDAP v2.x.
I would like to migrate a directory from an NDS to an OpenLDAP v2.0.21-1
directory server.
I ran into problems when trying to import the .ldif file containing the
directory data.
ldapadd complains about undefined attribute types. The "undefined"
attribute types and object classes are defined in a couple of schema
definition files I copied from the NDS configuration.

My question is: Do I have to convert the custom defined NDS schemas to
the LDAPv3 schema format, or is there some kind of migration tool/schema
converter somewhere out there that can simplify this work?
I have found a schema converter that unfortunately works in the other
direction (LDAPv3 -> slapd schema format).

After some research I have noticed that OpenLDAP v1.x seems to accept
the same schema format as NDS uses.
Would it be "stupid" to use v1.x instead of v2.x for this reason only?
What are the main differences/advantages/disadvantages?

Best regards

Jonas Almfeldt

    Jonas Almfeldt CSC-L-JAL
    CSC Sverige AB
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