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Re: Index problem with CT attribute, was: Re: Extended LDIF and CorporateTime server

stephan.budach wrote:

I have done some further testing and have come up with the real cause of my problem now ( at least I think so).

The problem seems to be that the new OpenLDAP 2.1.3 doesn´t index a special CT attribute correctly. ctCalXItemID is the unique identifier for every CorporateTime server calendar account. It is included in a configuration file to be indexed and an index is actually generated when i import the ldif file into OpenLDAP 2.1.3.

for my (2.1.3) runs with eq and eq,sub indexes: index ctCalXItemId eq,sub

../../bin/ldapsearch -H "ldap://arcos/"; -b "o=calendar,dc=unav,dc=es" "ctCalXItemID=*" dn ctCalXItemID

# Ignacio Coupeau, calendar, unav, es
dn: cn=Ignacio Coupeau,o=calendar,dc=unav,dc=es
ctCalXItemId: 00101:00280

# Aula 0E04, calendar, unav, es
dn: cn=Aula 0E04,o=calendar,dc=unav,dc=es
ctCalXItemId: 00101:00282

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