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Re: Schema format differences between NDS and OpenLDAP v2.x


I do not know of any schema converter, so you have to convert the intersing 
classes/attributes to OpenLDAP format.

I have written a little tool, that can convertt an LDIF file into a version 
that only contains the attributes and objectclasses the target server can 

It did it's job pretty well for me when I used it with perl-ldap 0.25

Now with perl-ldap 0.26 the schema structures and methods have changed.
I have made adaptions to cope with these changes, but I have not tested 
it, so YMMV.

The UI is similar to the well knon LDAP tools; ldifconvert --help gives a 
short help.


On Wednesday 07 August 2002 10:47, you wrote:
> Hi,
> As I understand, the schema format differs between Netscape Directory
> Server (NDS)and OpenLDAP v2.x.
> I would like to migrate a directory from an NDS to an OpenLDAP v2.0.21-1
> directory server.
> I ran into problems when trying to import the .ldif file containing the
> directory data.
> ldapadd complains about undefined attribute types. The "undefined"
> attribute types and object classes are defined in a couple of schema
> definition files I copied from the NDS configuration.
> My question is: Do I have to convert the custom defined NDS schemas to
> the LDAPv3 schema format, or is there some kind of migration tool/schema
> converter somewhere out there that can simplify this work?
> I have found a schema converter that unfortunately works in the other
> direction (LDAPv3 -> slapd schema format).
> After some research I have noticed that OpenLDAP v1.x seems to accept
> the same schema format as NDS uses.
> Would it be "stupid" to use v1.x instead of v2.x for this reason only?
> What are the main differences/advantages/disadvantages?
> Best regards
> Jonas Almfeldt

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