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Re: Please keep to pure Openldap .-)

At 09:47 AM 2002-07-31, Paul Goracke wrote:
>Please keep all discussions about what should be discussed on the list off the list.

I agree with this.  The list was established for a particular
purpose.  That purpose is detailed in the list charter.  It's
fine.   Those who want the list to serve other purposes should
instead create lists to serve those purposes (or convince me
that it something the project should host), not hijack this

OpenLDAP Software (OpenLDAP-software) 
This mailing list is for technical discussions related to the use of OpenLDAP Software. All users of OpenLDAP software should subscribe to this list. This list can have a high volume of messages.
Note: This list replaced openldap-stable. 

Folks should note that there is a General LDAP list available,
as well as lists for numerous LDAP-enabled applications.  Use

Enough said...  time to get back to coding.