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Re: birthdate attribute

>>>Is there a common schema which includes a birthdate attribute? I know
>>>evolutionperson does; I'm wondering if anyone can recommend anything else.
>>Not that I've found.  We use the evolutionPerson objectclass, and almost 
>>no one here uses evolution. :)
>Hmmm ... here's one who does. 

I do too, but other people around use a variety of MUAs.  Still the schema 
works pretty good for us to store 'robust' contact information.

>Which is more or less why I started with
>openldap in the first place, a couple of weeks ago. Not speak of getting
>rid of MS Exchange and much more.
>Where did you find your Evolution schema(s), Adam?

The source RPM.  It isn't in the binary packages (why?).  I posted the 
schema file to ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/projects/awilliam/misc-ldap/ so 
you don't have to grab the whole file.  I've also added a section on evo's 
ldap support to my LDAP presentation