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Re: birthdate attribute

man, 2002-07-08 kl. 14:28 skrev Adam Williams:

> >Is there a common schema which includes a birthdate attribute? I know
> >evolutionperson does; I'm wondering if anyone can recommend anything else.

> Not that I've found.  We use the evolutionPerson objectclass, and almost 
> no one here uses evolution. :)

Hmmm ... here's one who does. Which is more or less why I started with
openldap in the first place, a couple of weeks ago. Not speak of getting
rid of MS Exchange and much more.

Where did you find your Evolution schema(s), Adam?

Tell you one thing I've been fighting for, and that's adding new mailing
lists to the ldap server used by Evolution - you know, the greyed out
button on the toolbar - (actually localhost). I haven't found out how



RH 7.2 much modified, openldap 2.1.2 with 'allow ldap_v2', GQ
0.6.obeta2, genuine "drag 'n drop".


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