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Hi all,

We are running web500gw with a Univ of Mich LDAP server.  We're
finally moving on to OpenLDAP 2.0.11, but we'd like to keep web500gw
running.  It has some nice features we'd hate to lose.

I've tried compiling it and run into incomplete struct errors.

I realize web500gw probably wasn't written to work with LDAP 2.0.11.
But I'm still wondering if anyone has it running with OpenLDAP and
if so, what version of ldap?  Also, I'd be interested in hearing what 
ldap-to-http gateways you are using and how well they run.

Thanks much for any info!

Jackie Hunt                                                       
ACNS                                    Voice:  (970) 663-3789     
Colorado State University               FAX:    (970) 491-1958
Fort Collins, CO  80523                 Email:  jackie@yuma.acns.colostate.edu