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Fw: Help : Netscape user_oc.conf and user_at.conf to local.schema

Hi All,

 I had sent this mail yesterday, but received no responses. Anyway, I made
some progress into solving the problem by explicitly adding some attribute
types and objectclasses to the local.schema, and making sure that slapd
starts fine. But, transitioning so much configuration is still a problem. Is
there some perl script or C/Java program that someone knows of that can make
the transition quicly from the user_at.conf and user_oc.conf files into the
format that the local.schema file expects? Or at least make part of the
transition, and then the rest can be done manually ?

Any help will be welcome..
 Vikram Kaul     vkaul@research.telcordia.com

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From: "Vikram KAUL" <vkaul@research.telcordia.com>
To: "openldap" <openldap-software@openLDAP.org>
Cc: "Vikram KAUL" <vkaul@research.telcordia.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 24, 2002 3:01 PM
Subject: Help : Netscape user_oc.conf and user_at.conf to local.schema

> Hi All,
>  I am a very new user(a few hours, really), so please do pardon if my
> request makes no sense. In any case, please do respond to help me out.
> goes.
> I have been using the Netscape Directory server, and its corresponding
> api for some work. I have to transition to OpenLDAP, and the Novell Java
> api; but I am facing some problems regarding the local.schema. How do I
> transition from the user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files, (for the Netscape
> Directory Server) to the local.schema file which I have to include in the
> slapd.conf file ?
> Please note that the user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files are very
> I can't include them directly into the slapd.conf file because when I
> slapd, it gives the following errors:
>     "old objectclass format not supported" and
>     "old attribute type format not supported"
> Are there 'tools' available that can transition from user_oc.conf and
> user_at.conf files to local.schema file that slapd can understand. The
> user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files are very "simple" and the Netscape
> directory server doesn't crib if a fictitious OID is used. For example, in
> the user_at.conf file, I can create an attribute as simply as
>         attribute myNewAttribute cis single
> and use that in an objectclass definition in user_oc.conf file as
>         objectclass ocMY_TEST_CLASS
>           oid ocMY_TEST_CLASS-oid
>           superior top
>           requires
>             myNewAttribute
> Note: Fake oid used.
> What should my approach be now ? How do I go about going from my
> user_oc.conf and user_at.conf files (they are pretty big) to the
> local.schema files so the slapd understands and works fine.
> Any pointers will be welcome...
> regards..
>  Vikram Kaul     vkaul@research.telcordia.com