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Re: performance problems

>>I think I have solved the problem... Hopefully this will help someone else 
>>1.  First you need to set bigger than default caching sizes in your 
>>cachesize   500000
>>dbcachesize 10000000 
>>This caches 500000 records and allows the cache size for the db to be 
>>This increased my performance 2500% or from 1 query every 5 seconds to 5 
>>per second.
>Make sure you don't specify those numbers too high as you'll be swapping and 
>your cache will go down the drain. 
>>2.  Index the uidNumber gidNumber, and uid. 
>>index   objectclass pres,eq
>>index   uidNumber,gidNumber,uid eq 
>>This increased my performance another 154% or from 5 per second to 7.7 per 
>>3.  Set my syslog to not write on every log, but use caching:

syslog is much much faster if you disable fsync() by prepending the log
file name with a hypen.  /var/log/ldap becomes -/var/log/ldap