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Re: performance problems

Matthew Schumacher writes:

I think I have solved the problem... Hopefully this will help someone else out...

1. First you need to set bigger than default caching sizes in your slapd.conf:

cachesize 500000
dbcachesize 10000000

This caches 500000 records and allows the cache size for the db to be 10megs.

This increased my performance 2500% or from 1 query every 5 seconds to 5 per second.

Make sure you don't specify those numbers too high as you'll be swapping and your cache will go down the drain.

2. Index the uidNumber gidNumber, and uid.

index objectclass pres,eq
index uidNumber,gidNumber,uid eq

This increased my performance another 154% or from 5 per second to 7.7 per second.

3. Set my syslog to not write on every log, but use caching:

syslog is an aweful way to do logging anyway (it'q ubiquitous, so what it still sucks), but unfortunately slapd doesn't have native logging. There has to be a better way to log for such a piece of software.

I think it's possible to work around syslog by running slapd in debug mode foreground), piping output to a better performing logging utility. Try it, and see if you get any performance gains. Also try putting the log on a special array or disk.