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Re: performance problems


Thanks for the reply....  in the slapd.conf man page it showes:

index {<attrlist>|default} [pres,eq,approx,sub,<special>]

but doesn't say a word about what pres, eq, approx mean. There is a blurb on sub, but it doesn't go into enough detail to really explain it. Do you know where there might be more documentation. Also, I set the cache sizes to:

cachesize   5000000
dbcachesize 50000000

which helped quite a bit, but how do I calculate the optimal settings?



Dan Melomedman wrote:

Matthew Schumacher writes:

Hello all,
I would like to use openldap/pam_ldap to authenticate 10000 or so users, but when building the solution in the lab I am getting horrible performance. It is taking 4-5 secs to find a user in the directory and authenticate.

You already answered your question - you don't have indexes on the attributes you use for searches.