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Re: performance problems

I think I have solved the problem... Hopefully this will help someone else out...

1. First you need to set bigger than default caching sizes in your slapd.conf:

cachesize   500000
dbcachesize 10000000

This caches 500000 records and allows the cache size for the db to be 10megs.

This increased my performance 2500% or from 1 query every 5 seconds to 5 per second.

2.  Index the uidNumber gidNumber, and uid.

index   objectclass pres,eq
index   uidNumber,gidNumber,uid eq

This increased my performance another 154% or from 5 per second to 7.7 per second.

3.  Set my syslog to not write on every log, but use caching:

As printed in the syslog.conf (on linux) manpage:

You  may  prefix  each  entry with the minus ``-'' sign to
omit syncing the file after every logging.  Note that  you
might  lose information if the system crashes right behind
a write attempt.  Nevertheless this might  give  you  back
some  performance, especially if you run programs that use
logging in a very verbose manner.

local4.*         -/var/log/ldap.log

This increased my performance another 1012% or from 7.7 per second to approx 78 per second.

All tests done with 10003 users in the directory.