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Re: strange - entry already exist error

"Fliper" wrote...:

>> > I'm using openldap 1.2.9, and java (jndi) and I've noticed
>> > strange behaviour i tried to add a new entry but i got an error
>> > 'entry already exist' i checked the tree using ldapsearch but
>> > there were no such entry. i tried to add other entry but with
>> > the same effect, i could add nothing. and after some time
>> > everything started working properly does anybody know what could
>> > it be? 
>> sounds like your db files are corrupted in any way.. to ensure
>> flawless operation of slapd, export your tree using ldbmcat and
>> reimport with ldif2ldbm. of course you'll have to (re)move the
>> db-files between these two steps.. and you might have to run
>> ldif2index after that, though i'm not sure.. (just check whether
>> the index files have been created or not..) 
> thanks
> do you have any ideas what could cause this db corruption ?
> is it user fault or maybe something's wrong with openldap, because
> i wouldn't be happy if it happened again.

hmm, there was a message in the qmail-ldap list, saying openldap can 
corrupt it's own database when encountered with many updates, thought i 
hardly can believe that.. AFAIR it especially pointed towards index 
files. (sounds quite similar to what you might have experienced..) this 
should only happen if openldap (tried with some 2.0.X releases) has been 
compiled multi-threaded..
dunno, what the openldap-developers think about this, though.. :o)

beside this, any modification to the db-files, e.g. at filesystem level, 
during operation of slapd might, may and will cause such problems.. 
possibly also system crashes, "kill -9" and the like.. though i only 
have experience with openldap 1.2.X in this case.. it also depends on 
your configuration.. (like "dbnosync" will worse negative effects, of