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OpenLDAP with tsl/ssl


I'm trying to run OpenLDAP with SSL-Support. I have already recompiled
Openldap-2.0.18 with tsl, create a Server-Certificate with OpenSSL and
re-edit my slapd.conf like described at

After starting the slapd the Netscape-Adressbook is running fine with
SSL (Port 636). But no other client or operation seems to work properly
with SSl.

I can't start:  ldapsearch -h "host" -p "636" -b
"ou=test,o=testfirma,c=de" "cn=*" (from remote host).
I have already tried this on the LDAP-Server itself: ldapsearch -ZZ -d
127 "cn=*" - but it seems, that only parts of the traffic are encypted.
And PHP-Skripts don't work, wenn I use: "connect ("ldaps://host/");"
like the PHP-Manual suggests.

What went wrong? Is there any solution for this problem? 
Thank you for some help.


P.S. sorry for language mistakes - I don't use my English-Knowledge very