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Re: strange - entry already exist error

> > I'm using openldap 1.2.9, and java (jndi) and I've noticed strange
> > behaviour i tried to add a new entry but i got an error 'entry
> > already exist' i checked the tree using ldapsearch but there were
> > no such entry. i tried to add other entry but with the same effect,
> > i could add nothing. and after some time everything started working
> > properly does anybody know what could it be?
> sounds like your db files are corrupted in any way.. to ensure flawless 
> operation of slapd, export your tree using ldbmcat and reimport with 
> ldif2ldbm. of course you'll have to (re)move the db-files between these 
> two steps.. and you might have to run ldif2index after that, though i'm 
> not sure.. (just check whether the index files have been created or 
> not..)
do you have any ideas what could cause this db corruption ?
is it user fault or maybe something's wrong with openldap, because
i wouldn't be happy if it happened again.


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