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Re: strange - entry already exist error

"Fliper" wrote...:

> hi
> I'm using openldap 1.2.9, and java (jndi) and I've noticed strange
> behaviour i tried to add a new entry but i got an error 'entry
> already exist' i checked the tree using ldapsearch but there were
> no such entry. i tried to add other entry but with the same effect,
> i could add nothing. and after some time everything started working
> properly does anybody know what could it be?

sounds like your db files are corrupted in any way.. to ensure flawless 
operation of slapd, export your tree using ldbmcat and reimport with 
ldif2ldbm. of course you'll have to (re)move the db-files between these 
two steps.. and you might have to run ldif2index after that, though i'm 
not sure.. (just check whether the index files have been created or