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help w/ ACL

Hello.  I'm having an ACL issue where I don't understand why its not working
and I'm hoping one the ACL gurus can help me out.  I'm at the point where
I've simplified my ACL to the point where I think it should work but it does
not.  Basically I'm trying to have it where everyone except anonymous users
can read the 'o' and 'cn' (if they apply) attributes of an entry.

My global ACL definition is as follows:
access to *
    by self write
    by anonymous auth

My simplified database ACL is as follows:
access to * attr=o,cn
    by * read

The database ACL doesn't achieve what I said in the first paragraph but it
should allow any query to read the o and cn attributes unfortunately, it
doesn't work.  If anyone knows the answer I would appreciate being
enlightened.  Thanx.

Dane Foster
Equity Technology Group, Inc