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OpenLDAP & LDaemon


I was wondering if anyone had used LDaemon with MDaemon? According to it's
documentation, it is an NT based implementation of OpenLDAP, but we are
having problems trying to integrate it into MDaemon at work.

We also have OpenLDAP 2.0.7 running under RH6.1 (I think - this is my home
PC) which appears to be running OK, but gives us a few hiccups....

Basically, we are looking at upgrading our current internal (Microsoft
PostOffice) and external (MDaemon 2.8) mailservers to a more modern
integrated system. We are a small local government with very limited
resources (i.e. money) available. We had ruled out Novell's Groupwise and
Microsoft Exchange for the sheer cost.

One of our options is to upgrade our existing MDaemon to the latest version,
and using an LDAP service to provide a Global Address List (GAL). The latest
version of MDaemon boasts of integrating LDaemon as a GAL, but I have had
trouble trying to set these options correctly. I have also tried integrating
the other LDAP server, but again, this returns an error 'when migrating

Our aim, is to have a GAL available identical to the Microsoft PostOffice
Address List in that you don't have to do a wildcard search in order to
obtain a current list of directory members. Is this possible to implement
with OpenLDAP? Our users are not the brightest stars in the sky, and will
complain bitterly if the 'point and click' is taken away or made more

After reading up on MDaemon & LDaemon, I assumed this would be the case, but
I have had problems trying to test this. Failing that, if anyone could give
pointers as to automatically refreshing the list held locally for users of

Apologies if this is the wrong list.


Neil Montgomery.
Bridgnorth District Council.