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RE: AIX authentication on OpenLDAP

Title: RE: AIX authentication on OpenLDAP

we have a module like nss_ldap that we created using the openldap libs...  it doesnt do the schema mapping as i refused to write anything to ibm's specs!!!  it took me a while before they would admit the module they have doesnt talk to anything but secureway...

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Subject: Re: AIX authentication on OpenLDAP

>So I have to find new solutions: Can I use the IBM SecureWay Directory and
>authenticate my Linux, Oracle and AIX-Server against it? Does anybody has
>experiences with it? Or is IBM in this case incompatible too?!

Both our LDAP/NIS gateway (AIX version) and nss_ldap support the IBM
AIX SecureWay schema.

To configure nss_ldap to use SecureWay, ensure you configure it with
--enable-schema-mapping and have the following in ldap.conf:

nss_map_objectclass posixAccount aixAccount
nss_base_passwd ou=aixaccount,?one
nss_map_attribute uid userName
nss_map_attribute gidNumber gid
nss_map_attribute uidNumber uid
nss_map_attribute userPassword passwordChar
nss_map_objectclass posixGroup aixAccessGroup
nss_base_group ou=aixgroup,?one
nss_map_attribute cn groupName
nss_map_attribute uniqueMember member
pam_login_attribute userName
pam_filter objectclass=aixAccount

-- Luke
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