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Re: Searches are painfully slow

Timo Boettcher wanted us to know:

>How do I go on? Could it be that processing of the acls makes the 
>server that slow? I'm using groupbased ACLs with about 5 group-ACLs
>per entry.

I doubt it.  Redo the test with 1 lookup, but instead of starting the
server and redirecting it to a file, just let it go to stdout/stderr
(which was what I initially suggested).  That way you can see what's
taking so long.  If it steps through your ACL's one by one and takes 5
seconds, then the answer is yes, it is your ACL's.  I think you'll find
that's not the problem though.  It will be something after the ACL's.

Email me the log that you just made from the one lookup please.  I'll
look at it tonight some time.
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