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Re[2]: get all possible attributes of one objectclass

Hey Marcel,

Monday, August 06, 2001, 11:19:46 AM, you wrote:

MB> My programming-destination is as follows:

MB> If you want to add an employee - you get all attributes for the
MB> specified objectclass DNIEmployee from the server.
MB> If you add an supplier you need other informations - these Information
MB> is supported by an objectclass DNIsupplier in the server.

MB> The Advantage is, that there is no client configuration necessary - all
MB> information is configured server-sided - assumed there is an way to get
MB> these information out of the server !

Ahh!  Sorry, I don't know then.  I would probably just hard code the values
I needed.  I know this isn't ideal, but it's very rare that I ever need to
fill in all values for every attribute and objectclass provides.  And
generally speaking, the objectclasses do not change as to what attributes
they provide, so hard-coding them into an array or something isn't so bad.
But, admittedly it's not very scalable.

Perhaps someone else knows?  It would be interesting to know :)