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Re: strange (swedish) characters

yan seiner wrote:
> You need to have utf-8 encoding going in to ldap and utf-8 will come
> out.  I use a web interface to enter data, and netscape has to be
> configured for utf-8 otherwise openldap will generate errors on some
> characters.

If you have to manually configure your Netscape browser your web
gateway is pretty badly implemented.

> Getting the characters to display correctly can be difficult as well.  I
> have to manually set netscape 4.x to utf-8 whenever I use ldap, then
> reset it to iso-8859-x when I'm done.

This is definitely not necessary. You probably misunderstood some
concepts of handling different character sets and web programming.
Feel free to contact me personally since this gets off-topic here.

Ciao, Michael.