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strange (swedish) characters

I read a thread on the openldap.org mailinglist about an ldif containing
"strange" characters (swedish) and the anwser contained:

>Are you providing the description in the appropriate
>character set for the version of the protocol you are
>using?  If using LDAPv3, directory strings should contain
>only UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646-1 characters.

Since UTF-8 encoded ISO 10646-1 is Unicode my characters is in the
"Latin-1 Supplement". How do I tell openldap (ldapadd) about what Code
Chart I'm using so it won't complain about my characters?

>$ldapadd -x -D "cn=Manager,o=myorg,c=SE" -W -f my_entry.ldif 
>Enter LDAP Password: 
>adding new entry "cn=my_name,o=myorg,c=SE"
>ldap_add: Invalid syntax
>        additional info: value contains invalid data

Any ideas about getting these characters in the ldap database?