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Re: strange (swedish) characters

This can be frustrating.  openLdap will work correctly, but the clients
are hard to configure.

You need to have utf-8 encoding going in to ldap and utf-8 will come
out.  I use a web interface to enter data, and netscape has to be
configured for utf-8 otherwise openldap will generate errors on some

Getting the characters to display correctly can be difficult as well.  I
have to manually set netscape 4.x to utf-8 whenever I use ldap, then
reset it to iso-8859-x when I'm done.

What is your application?  Are you using netscape's address book?  Let
me know and if it's similar to mine, I'll send you my config.


Markus Jardemalm wrote:
> After installation of (two) new Unicode fonts, Netscape still not
> displays the swedish characters.
> As I see it, the new fonts is working alright (since it displays
> different than the former) and since I set the new fonts to the Unicode
> format the new font displays I can surely say that the searchresult is
> returned as Unicode.
> Is it possible to get your perlsnippet for the perl ldapsearch-wrapper
> so I can see that the swedish characters really is stored in the
> directory?
> //Markus