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LDAP client(Netscape)

Hello everyone,

I am having Netscape gateway client to my LDAP directory services.I am designing this for my school. The directory structure looks exactly like this:

                              o = ecs.csus.edu

                       ou= faculty       ou = student

In the "standard search" form of netscape gateway, it appears like

"Find" "Pulldown menu(person,NT-person,NT-groups(etc))" within ecs.csus.edu.

Now, in place of person,NT ...etc..I want only "faculty,student" to be appeared.

If any one is working with Netscape gateway, can anyone please guide me how and what should I change?

Thanks in advance,
ps.: My ISP does not provide newsfeed, so I don't have access to netscape news group.so please guide.
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