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RE: LDAP client(Netscape)

you can find dsgw customization guide document at docs.iplanet.com
please read it first. i can help futher questions after that
orhan alkan

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Subject: LDAP client(Netscape)

Hello everyone,

I am having Netscape gateway client to my LDAP directory services.I am
designing this for my school. The directory structure looks exactly like

                               o = ecs.csus.edu

                        ou= faculty       ou = student

In the "standard search" form of netscape gateway, it appears like

"Find" "Pulldown menu(person,NT-person,NT-groups(etc))" within ecs.csus.edu.

Now, in place of person,NT ...etc..I want only "faculty,student" to be

If any one is working with Netscape gateway, can anyone please guide me how
and what should I change?

Thanks in advance,
ps.: My ISP does not provide newsfeed, so I don't have access to netscape
news group.so please guide.
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