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Re: Different clients yield different results

At 12:05 PM 4/7/01 -0700, Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 01:57 PM 4/7/01 -0700, Mark Diggory wrote:
>I've just found that many of my issues concerning OpenLDAP and JNDI have never been responded to by OpenLDAP-software list members (whether due to workload or lack of interest).

Or because the poster doesn't make responding to the post easy
by poorly wording questions or not providing enough or too much
information or by not breaking down complex questions into
manageable pieces or by not doing their homework.

I've tried to be a through and clear as possible with my questions/problems. However, there are area's of knowledge which I and others are weak in. I am not an OpenLDAP developer, and I don't have the expertise that a developer may have when it comes to debugging UNIX based software. On the OpenLDAP-bugs and Openldap-software list I tried to submit as much information as I have experience in generating concerning issue of OpenLDAP crashing and yet I see no response from other list members. I assumed because they have no interest or expertise in this issue. I think there are many like me searching for solutions to problems and finding a lack of support. This is why I recommend another list, because with the lack of response to these issues for whatever reason, it appears to the user that there is no interest in support of issues concerning compatibility.

There are,
of course, a variety of other factors as to why not every post
gets responded to.

>While I do see a great number of post pertaining to the interaction of OpenLDAP with other clients that are left unsupported or redirected as well.

That's a problem that can only be solved by greater participation
by the user community.   Creating additional lists generally does
not generate additional participation.

I also note that I think you have gotten false impression as to
the charter of this list.  This list can be used to discussion
to OpenLDAP software use issues, including those pertaining
to use with software developed by others.  Redirection comes in
when we believe the issue is not specific to OpenLDAP.

Perhaps I have a false impression, and I don't disagree with redirecting user to more appropriate lists for their questions when they are off topic. As well, I am glad to supply any experience I've had with OpenLDAP to this list, and I have in the past. I agree that there needs to be more participation.

Thank you for responding to my questions and concerns,